Together we will make a difference.

With every All Access Pass sold we send a child in Zimbabwe to school.

For under $1 a day you can learn with us and share the gift of learning.

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Together we are stronger.

We know the value of education and our mission is to ensure every child in Zimbabwe has the opportunity to get an education. 

We are doing this by giving $2 from every all-access pass membership each month.

Together we can help these kids to receive their education and give them a chance for a bright future

Child Education Plans

Our main focus is to provide the most important things for the school- enroll children in school, kind teachers, and a place to study. We are proud to partner with Vana Trust who’s doing the work of enrolling children in schools and providing the technology, books, and resources needed to give each student the best possible education.

A young South African girl (from the Xhosa tribe) works on her studies at an old worn desk in a class room in the Transkei region of rural South Africa.

These kids require your help!