Adobe Photoshop CS: Foundation


Adobe Photoshop CS Foundation is the stepping stone into the acknowledged industry standard image editing and manipulation software.  With Adobe Photoshop CS Foundation, if you have the skills and training, the sky’s the limit.  Being able to use this powerful software well is a great time saver and can make time-consuming tasks much more efficient.

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Course outline

SECTION 1: Getting Started with Photoshop CS

Lesson 1.1: Introduction

Lesson 1.2: The Photoshop CS Screen Components

Lesson 1.3: File Management Basics

Lesson 1.4: Modifying your Photoshop Layout

Section 1: Review Questions

Section 2: Exploring Photoshop CS

Lesson 2.1: Introduction to the Photoshop Toolbox

Lesson 2.2: Introduction to Photoshop Palettes

Lesson 2.3: More Photoshop Features

Section 2: Review Questions

SECTION 3: Working With Photoshop

Lesson 3.1: Making Selections

Lesson 3.2: Manipulating Selections

Lesson 3.3: Editing With Selections

Section 3: Review Questions

SECTION 4: Images and Colour

Lesson 4.1: Understanding Digital Images

Lesson 4.2: Image Size and Resolution

Lesson 4.3: Working with your Canvas and Document Window

Lesson 4.4: Working with Colour

Practice Exercise

Section 4: Review Questions