Branding: Creating and Managing Your Corporate Brand


A good brand is much more than an attractive image combined with some witty type. It must reflect the heart and soul of a company’s product or service and offer a promise the business can live up to.  This training course covers the basics of branding, getting participants on the road to creating a perfect brand.


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Course Outline:

Session One: Course Overview

Session Two: Defining Branding

Session Three: What Are You All About?

Session Four: Creating a Mission

Session Five: Creating a Vision of the Future

Session Six: Positioning Your Brand

Session Seven: Developing Your Style

Session Eight: Developing a Brand Name and Slogan

Session Nine: Creating a Visual Identity

Session Ten: Living Your Brand

Session Eleven: Connecting with Customers

Session Twelve: Launching Your Brand

Session Thirteen: Taking Your Brand’s Pulse

Session Fourteen: Performing a SWOT Analysis

Session Fifteen: Measuring Brand Health with a Balanced Scorecard

Session Sixteen: Middleton’s Brand Matrix

Session Seventeen: Interpreting Evaluation Results

Session Eighteen: Keeping the Brand Alive

Session Nineteen: Going Beyond the Brand

Recommended Reading List

Post-Course Assessment

Personal Action Plan