Computer Basics: Foundation


The Computer Basics program will help you fully understand topics such as: terminology; types of computers; anatomy of a PC; how a PC works; hardware devices; types of software and many more.

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Course outline

Section 1: General Concepts

Lesson 1.1: Basic Terms

Lesson 1.2: Types of Computers

Lesson 1.3: Anatomy of a PC

Lesson 1.4: How a PC Works

Section 1: Case Study

Section 1: Review Questions

Section 2: Hardware Devices

Lesson 2.1: CPU and Memory

Lesson 2.2: Input Devices

Lesson 2.3: Output Devices

Lesson 2.4: Secondary Storage Devices

Section 2: Case Study

Section 2: Review Questions

Section 3: Software

Lesson 3.1: The Basics

Lesson 3.2: Operating Systems and Applications

Lesson 3.3: How is Software Built?

Lesson 3.4: Types of Software

Lesson 3.5: Legal Issues

Section 3: Case Study

Section 3: Review Questions