Corrective Action


How does collaborative problem-solving lead to identifying the root cause of the issue and its successful resolution?

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We all try to do the best work we can, however, there are times when things go wrong, and problems arise. These things can be in or out of control and result in work that is less than it could be. That is why we have corrective action to address any problems, deficiencies, or nonconformities that arise from time to time. In this online workshop, we discuss how collaborative problem-solving can lead us to the root causes of problems, deficiencies, or nonconformities so that we, with our team, can use a corrective action process to correct the problem and verify the success of our actions.
Course Outline-
Session One: Course Overview
Session Two: Problem-Solving Model
Session Three: Preventative Action
Session Four: Corrective and Preventive Action Plan
Session Five: Identify a Problem Through Customer Complaints
Session Six: Identify a Problem Through Internal Audits
Session Seven: Assess the Significance of the Problem
Session Eight: Identify the Root Cause
Session Nine: Determine and Apply the Appropriate Action