Creating a Valuable Talent Management Program


As a leader you will learn why having the right people in place at the right time is a key component of growth, success, and stability for your organisation. Students will learn what is required to manage high potential employees, how to apply multi-faceted aspects of talent management in their organisations, and to recognise and foster talent. You will also learn the principles of competency-based management.

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Course Outline:

Session One: Course Overview

Session Two: Understanding Talent Management

Session Three: Understanding Performance Management

Session Four: Understanding Succession Planning

Session Five: Creating a Talent Management Plan

Session Six: About Competency-Based Programs

Session Seven: Identifying Talent

Session Eight: Bring on Bench Strength

Session Nine: Conducting Talent Assessments to Create a Talent Profile

Session Ten: Keeping People Interested

Session Eleven: Talent Review Meetings

Session Twelve: Show Me the Money!

Session Thirteen: Communicating with High Potentials

Session Fourteen: Development Strategies

Session Fifteen: Reality Check!

Session Sixteen: Fostering Engagement

Session Seventeen: Evaluating the Plan

Recommended Reading List

Post-Course Assessment

Personal Action Plan