Design Thinking: An Introduction


Ever wonder how companies such as Google, Apple, and Airbnb generate solutions and create successful products and services? Find out with Design Thinking: An Introduction.

This course introduces the concept of design thinking, which advocates a focus on the needs of users and customers and results in better products, services, and processes.

The course includes,  how to use design thinking to solve problems more creatively, how to understand problems from a customer’s perspective, how to apply different brainstorming techniques to identify innovative ideas, how to use effective design research, how to understand the value of creating prototypes to test ideas, and how to ensure design ideas materialize.

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Course outline

Session One: Course Overview

Session Two: Introduction to Design Thinking

Session Three: Empathize

Session Four: Define

Session Five: Ideation Part 1 — Ideas and Potential Solutions

Session Six: Ideation Part 2 — Journey Mapping

Session Seven: Prototyping and Testing