Developing a Lunch and Learn Program


For most successful organizations, support of employee development is a core part of their culture. These organizations offer learning opportunities that create increased energy, creativity, and fun.

Lunch and Learn programs are an avenue for developing a philosophy of sharing and peer learning and are typically aimed at fostering cross-organization collaboration and communication. They can be used as a tool for sharing information, approaches, and talent. They also offer opportunities for networking in a safe, friendly, and relaxed atmosphere.

Developing a Lunch and Learn Program course will provide tools to create a program that generates opportunities for learning that might not happen otherwise in your workplace.

The sessions start with investigating what a Lunch and Learn program is, and then learning how to start and promote one, along with considering topics for a program. Students will learn how to administer a program and the critical elements for success, while also exploring presentation skills. The course wraps up with students delivering their own presentations created during the course.

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Course outline

Session One: Course Overview

Session Two: So, What is a Lunch and Learn?

Session Three: The Underpinnings of Lunch and Learn Programs

Session Four: Ongoing Administration of a Lunch and Learn Program

Session Five: Developing a Lunch and Learn Presentation

Session Six: Presentations

Recommended Reading List

Post-Course Assessment

Personal Action Plan