Global Business Strategies


As the world becomes a smaller place thanks to innovations in technology and communication, it becomes easier for businesses to branch out into the global market. However, as with any endeavour, research and planning are essential pieces of a growth strategy.

The course takes students through all the aspects of a global business, including trade agreements, types of trade transactions, e-commerce, cultural issues, currency management, risk mitigation, finance, logistics, regulations, ethics, and the triple A framework for growth and development.


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Course Outline:

Session One: Course Overview

Session Two: Understanding the Global Business Environment

Session Three: The Global Trade Market

Session Four: Products and Services

Session Five: E-Commerce on the Global Stage

Session Six: Working in the Global Context

Session Seven: The Economics of Global Business

Session Eight: The Logistics of Global Business

Session Nine: Rules and Regulations

Session Ten: Beyond the Rules – Ethical Concerns