Mastering Adult Learning Methods


Teaching adults necessitates different methods than those that are used for children. Adults have a wealth of experience when they enter the classroom and are motivated to learn. 

This course draws on anagogical best practices and hands-on experience with several learning methods (reflection, experiential, self-directed, project-based, action learning) to give the educator a set of methodological tools for successful adult education. The course also emphasizes the importance of reflective practice to continually improve one’s education craft. Educators must provide opportunities for adult learners to use their aptitudes, abilities, and existing knowledge to engage in new, relevant learning experiences.   


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Course Outline:

Session One: Course Overview  

Session Two: Learning Theory — Andragogy 

Session Three: Learning Methods — Reflection 

Session Four: Learning Methods — Experiential Learning 

Session Five: Learning Methods — Self-Directed Learning 

Session Six: Learning Methods — Project-Based Learning 

Session Seven: Learning Methods — Action Learning 

Session Eight: Practice 

Session Nine: Reflective Practice 

Pre-Assignment Exercise 

Personal Action Plan 

Course Summary 

Recommended Reading List 

Post-Course Assessment 

Pre-Course Assessment 

Post-Course Assessment