Microsoft 365 OneNote: Online


Microsoft OneNote Online is a cloud-based application designed to organize thoughts and research into notebooks, with features such as real time collaboration, and the ability to convert handwritten notes into typed text.

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Course Outline:

Lesson 1: Getting Started

TOPIC A: Getting Started with OneNote Online

TOPIC B: Setting Up a Notebook

TOPIC C: Managing Pages and Sections, Part One

TOPIC D: Managing Pages and Sections, Part Two

TOPIC E: Printing and Viewing Notebooks

Lesson 2: Working with Notes, Part One

TOPIC A: Formatting Tools

TOPIC B: Adding Images to a Notebook

TOPIC C: Adding Tables to a Notebook

TOPIC D: Adding Other Elements to a Notebook

TOPIC A: Using Tags and Symbols

TOPIC B: Adding Handwritten Text

TOPIC C: Highlighting Text

Lesson 4: Finalizing a Notebook

TOPIC A: Using Proofing Tools

TOPIC B: Sharing Notebooks

TOPIC C: Working with Notebook Versions

Lesson Labs

Post-Course Assessment

Course Summary

Keyboard Shortcut Quick Reference Sheet