Microsoft 365 SharePoint


Microsoft 365 SharePoint is a collaboration platform that allows multiple users to share documents, exchange ideas, and work together.

This course is intended to help SharePoint users understand how to create and manage sites, covering the user interface; showing users how to create new sites, libraries, lists, apps, and pages; and how to change site settings and manage site options. A brief user’s guide is also provided to help administrators train site users. 

By the end of this course, users should be comfortable with creating new sites in SharePoint, adding and configuring libraries and other site assets; configuring site settings, assigning permissions and access rights; and working with advanced site options. They should also be familiar with basic user tasks, such as accessing the site, using document libraries, and working with files. 


  • Visa Card
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • Discover Card
  • PayPal


Course Outline:

Course Overview 

Lesson 1: Creating a New Site 

TOPIC A: Create a Site 

TOPIC B: Customize a Site 

TOPIC C: Design a Site 

Activity 1-3: Design a Site 


Review Questions 

Lesson 2: Adding and Configuring Libraries, Apps, Lists, and Pages 

TOPIC A: Configure Document Libraries 

Activity 2-1: Configure a Document Library 

TOPIC B: Create Additional Libraries 

Activity 2-2: Create Additional Libraries 

TOPIC C: Add Apps 

Activity 2-3: Adding Apps 

TOPIC D: Add Lists 

Activity 2-4: Adding Lists 

TOPIC E: Add Pages 

Activity 2-5: Adding Pages 


Review Questions 

Lesson 3: Configuring Site Settings 

TOPIC A: Configure Site Search Options 

Activity 3-1: Configuring Site Search Options 

TOPIC B: Configure Site Administration Settings 

Activity 3-2: Configuring Site Administration Settings 

TOPIC C: Configure Site Navigation Settings 

Activity 3-3: Configuring Site Navigation Options 

TOPIC D: Configure Site Permissions, Part 1 

Activity 3-4: Configuring Site Permissions, Part 1 

TOPIC E: Configuring Site Permissions, Part 2 

Activity 3-5: Configuring Site Permissions, Part 1 


Review Questions 

Lesson 4: User’s Guide 

TOPIC A: Getting Started with SharePoint 

View a Document Library 

Activity 4-1: Getting Started with SharePoint 

TOPIC B: Working with Files 

Activity 4-2: Working with Files 

TOPIC C: Advanced Features 

Activity 4-3: Using Advanced Features 


Review Questions 

Lesson Labs 

Course Wrap-Up 

Post-Course Assessment 


Keyboard Shortcut Quick Reference Sheet