Microsoft Windows Mail 7


Workers will become more efficient and will enjoy the new features this product has to offer compared to Outlook Express. Happy and efficient workers equal higher productivity.

This course covers everything there is to know about Windows 7 mail from the ground-up.

Some of the material being covered is as follows:

  • Working with e-mail accounts
  • Working with e-mail messages
  • Managing e-mails
  • Importing and Exporting data
  • Windows Mail options
  • Using newsgroups
  • Accounts
  • Signatures

  • Visa Card
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • Discover Card
  • PayPal


Course outline

Section 1: Getting Started

Lesson 1.1: An Overview of Windows Mail

Lesson 1.2: Components of the Windows Mail Interface

Lesson 1.3: Help and Support

Section 1: Case Study

Section 1: Review Questions

Section 2: Electronic Mail

Lesson 2.1: Configuring an E-mail Account

Lesson 2.2: Working with E-mail Messages

Lesson 2.3: Composing E-Mail (Part One)

Lesson 2.4: Composing E-Mail (Part Two)

Lesson 2.5: Customizing E-Mail Messages

Section 2: Case Study

Section 2: Review Questions

Section 3: Organization Tools

Lesson 3.1: Managing Mail, Part One

Lesson 3.2: Managing Mail, Part Two

Lesson 3.3: Finding Messages

Lesson 3.4: About the Windows Contacts List

Lesson 3.5: Using the Windows Contacts List

Section 3: Case Study

Section 3: Review Questions

Section 4: Advanced Topics

Lesson 4.1: Signatures

Lesson 4.2: User Accounts

Lesson 4.3: Importing and Exporting Data

Lesson 4.4: Setting Windows Mail Options

Lesson 4.5: Using Newsgroups

Section 4: Case Study

Section 4: Review Questions