Progressive Discipline


How does having a management plan for discipline in the workplace benefit the team as a whole? Can employee behavior and performance be managed through such a plan?

Discipline is not something any manager wants to do but it is a skill that is important to be able to perform consistently and fairly. This online course will look at the importance of minimizing discipline issues before they happen and the need to have a discipline policy in place. After determining what discipline is and what are appropriate levels of discipline, the course will explain the typical steps of progressive discipline and help you use it to manage employee behavior and performanc

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Course Outline:

Session One: Course Overview

Session Two: Minimizing Disciplinary Issues

Session Three: Discipline

Session Four: Discipline Policy

Session Five: Progressive Discipline

Session Six: Step 1 – Verbal Warning

Session Seven: Step 2 – Written Warning

Session Eight: Step 3 – Performance Improvement Plan

Session Nine: Step 4 – Termination

Personal Action Plan

Course Summary

Recommended Reading List

Post-Course Assessment

Pre- and Post-Course Assessment Answer Keys