Project Management: All You Need to Know


Project management is no longer only for huge projects worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. Small projects can also benefit from project management tools. These time-tested tools can help get that small project done well, under budget, and on time. This course is not intended for those who want to be certified as project managers, but rather for those who complete projects at work from time to time.

Students will gain experience using the most common project management execution tools and make their small projects more successful than ever with a look at a project planning document all the way through the various life-cycle stages of a project, to wrapping it up with a successful closing.

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Course outline

Session One: Course Overview

Session Two: Project Management Review

Session Three: Executing the Plan

Session Four: Communications Plan

Session Five: Changes and Project Tracking

Session Six: Status Meetings and Issues Management

Session Seven: Closing the Project

Recommended Reading List

Post-Course Assessment

Pre- and Post-Assessment Answer Keys

Personal Action Plan