Respect In The Workplace


Research in North America suggests that more than one in three employees has experienced bullying, abuse, harassment, or discrimination in their workplaces. This course provides organizations of all sizes, in any industry, with a proactive standard tool for all employees to combat bullying, abuse, harassment, discrimination, and incivility for a safer, more productive quality of life in the workplace and their personal spaces as well.

Respect in the Workplace course will define and deal with bullying, abuse, harassment, and discrimination; identify and address unconscious bias; identify power dynamics in the workplace; empower bystanders to take effective action; discuss understanding and managing common emotions in the workplace; talk about mental health outcomes of prolonged or unaddressed disrespectful behavior; and teach how to foster respect in a workplace.

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Course outline

Session One: Course Overview

Session Two: The Power of Respect

Session Three: Unconscious Bias

Session Four: Workplace Dynamics

Session Five: Managing Emotions

Session Six: Empowering the Bystander

Session Seven: Fostering Respect

Personal Action Plan

Course Summary

Recommended Reading List

Post-Course Assessment