Strategic Planning


A strategic plan provides a company with a blueprint for what it wants to achieve.

This course includes sessions that teach concepts and skills such as: determining the values that support a company, defining a company’s vision, writing a mission statement, undertaking a meaningful SWOT analysis, as well as how to implement, evaluate, and review a strategic plan.

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Course outline

Session One: Course Overview

Session Two: Understanding Strategic Planning

Session Three: Identifying Our Values

Session Four: Designing Our Vision

Session Five: On a Mission

Session Six: Performing a SWOT Analysis

Session Seven: Setting Goals

Session Eight: Assigning Roles, Responsibilities, and Accountabilities

Session Nine: The Full Picture

Session Ten: Gathering Support

Session Eleven: Making the Change

Session Twelve: How Does It Look?

Session Thirteen: Getting There

Session Fourteen: Mocking Up the Process

Recommended Reading List

Post-Course Assessment